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We specialise in the certification and conversion of Japanese. Helping our customers take the wheel of their dream car, we import and supply only premium vehicles in high quality condition and state.

We perform all Australian Design Rule (ADR) compliance work in-house here in Australia. All our workmanship is all Australian, manufactured and managed right here in Brisbane, Queensland.

Our rigorous testing procedures ensure compliance of your vehicle is of the highest standard, so you can be proud of your newly imported vehicle. We have the ability to supply Australia with right hand drive new and used vehicles, at prices that compete with your average Australian car or truck.

What we stand for

We are Quality Assured (QA) which is your peace of mind that we will always conduct all dealings in a professional and diligent manner in accordance with all government rules and regulations which is your guarantee that you will always get what you pay for - no exceptions!

Quality Assured

All vehicles offered for sale are completely inspected, government compliant and fully approved by our own workshop.

Personal Attention

Management personally inspect each and every vehicle prior to being offered for sale to ensure the highest quality is supplied and maintained.

Pricing Policy

Our company pricing policy ensures all prices offered are fair, reasonable and monitored regularly to maintain competitiveness.

Experienced Staff

Dedicated and experienced staff are all able to provide expert advice and provide information relating to any or all aspects of vehicle ownership.


We offer comprehensive mechanical and electrical warranty plans on all vehicle sold.


We only employ quality approved (QA) mechanical staff highly trained to maintain all aspects of your vehicle servicing requirements.

Back-Up Service

Our company only employ dedicated and passionate people to ensure that any need you require is attended to promptly and diligently.

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Our Platinum Way in Customer First policy is in place to establish strong links between ourselves and our customers. We do this through our continued commitment to training, self ­improvement and our disciplined approach to wanting to be the best in our market. A customer's needs and wants should be met through this commitment. Our customers from sales to service and parts should be the foremost important part of all our day to day dealings. To achieve this, Platinum Vehicle Sales has adopted the philosophy of “Kaizen”.

What Is It?

The word "Kaizen" originally comes from Japan, where it is written with two Japanese characters, meaning "to change", and "good", thus implying the goal of "to change for the better". As a concept, it was the driving force behind Toyota Motor Company's own journey to excellence.

As used in the United States, "Kaizen" often refers to an event, from three to five days of intensive activities directed at factory floor improvements.

"Kaizen" once initiated, never ends! A company that embraces the principles of Kaizen is a company that will be working continuously for improvement, in all facets of its operations - everything from production scheduling practices to basic line configuration to getting rid of pesky bolts that slow down set­up changes.

Anywhere there is a method, there is a potential improvement to that method!

How does Kaizen work?

The mission is to design a plan and implement it in one week.

Referred to as "Kaizen Events" or "Kaizen Workshops," the approach targets a particular manufacturing cell or other segment of the production chain. Typically, the participants are a cross functional team including managers, engineers, support staff, maintenance workers and production operators­ sometimes supplemented by marketing or financial personnel, and even people from outside the company.

The team generally spends five days in the targeted area, studying the process, collecting and analyzing data, discussing improvement options, and implementing changes­ which may involve moving or modifying equipment. The five day Kaizen event is a quick­hitting way to get results. Experienced practitioners know that the job is never really finished. Platinum Vehicle Sales has in fact deployed Kaizen techniques over and over again, often revisiting the same target area.

The Results

Platinum Vehicle Sale's efforts toward constant improvement never cease. For the company, Kaizen has produced tremendous results both in service and parts, as well as in the sales pit. Together, Platinum Vehicle's employees will be designing and implementing solutions to make their own jobs easier and more efficient. Everyday processes will be shortened, improved and sometimes even eliminated.

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